Some may call it magic.

We call it Accufoam®.

2.5 years of R&D before we sold our first batch.
Thousands of formulations tested.
Harnessing the latest in materials science.
All with one goal: to create the world’s best-performing spray foam insulation. Not under lab conditions, but real-world results, by real contractors, on real projects, in adverse weather.
It’s a difference you have to experience to appreciate. But once you do? There’s no going back.

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A Better Foam…


Accuracy in the lab doesn’t matter unless you can achieve accuracy in the field.

The problem? In the real world, spray foams are highly sensitive. Small changes in ingredient reactivity, moisture, and gravity can dramatically change how a foam behaves from batch to batch. Variations in your environment, from temperature and humidity to altitude, air pressure, and more will impact how your foam expands and adheres.

The result? The parade of challenges spray foam contractors have had to accept as the cost of doing business… until now.

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Precision you can count on

With Accufoam®, you can confidently spray all day, without the frustration of clogging, the fear of separation, or the threat of delamination. You have the confidence you’ll achieve specified R-Values and get a predictably high yield every job.

The secret is in our chemistry and our fanatical quality control. We test every raw ingredient before mixing for reactivity, moisture content, and more. After mixing, we spray every batch to ensure it performs at or exceeds spec. We also monitor your weather, tailoring each batch to match your job in your location.

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Fewer Clogs

Formulated to expand in the wall, not your nozzles. Spray all day without stopping.

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We spray every batch so you can be confident it will perform every job.

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Increase Per Gallon Coverage

Save time and money so you can grow your business faster.

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First Time, Every Time

Accuracy prevents separation and delamination. No more costly repair jobs.

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A Difference You Can See

Accufoam®'s fine-grained structure and consistency inspires confidence. Win more jobs.

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Enjoy Peace of mind

You can count on us for impeccable training, real support, and end-to-end quality control.

The Secret to Accuracy and Precision

How does Accufoam® achieve such high levels of precision in the field? The secret is in our chemistry and our fanatical quality control. Meet our all-star team of industry veterans and discover the secrets to the Accufoam® difference.

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