More than 2.5 years of R&D. Thousands of formulations tested. All before signing the first customer. That’s what you get when you form an all-star team of industry-veterans and turn them loose to create the absolute best real-world spray foams in the world.

A Passion for Quality

How can Accufoam® be so consistently excellent?

The difference is our fanatical process of quality control. We test every raw ingredient before mixing for reactivity, moisture content, and more. After mixing, we spray every batch to ensure it performs to or exceeds spec. We also monitor your weather, tailoring each batch to suit your weather.

Why doesn’t every foam perform the same way? Designing and manufacturing to such high levels of precision is a much more difficult way to create a foam. Our competitors manufacture in large batches, with less precision, and little to no customization.

accufoam spray insulation in barrels on pallet

A CPS Company

Creative Polymer Solutions is America's emerging leader in polyurethane foam technology. From the factory to the job site, CPS takes an innovative approach to develop application-specific solutions leveraging the unique and versatile properties of polyurethane resins. Everything we do reflects our precision chemistry, high-accuracy manufacturing, and dependable customer service. All so you can have a partner you're confident relying on.

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A Team of All-Stars

To a person, our founding team is obsessed with spray foam. We love the chemistry, the sales, the support, the quality control. New ideas keep us up at night. Even nights and weekends find us collaborating to share the latest brain storm. We sweat the details you don't have to.

Give us a call and experience for yourself our passion for excellence. You’ll be surprised just how much better spray foam can be.

How to Choose Accufoam® Today

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You owe it to yourself (and your customers, your employees, and your family) to discover if Accufoam® is right for you. Give us a call so you can stop struggling with inconsistent foams and start enjoying the precision and control Accufoam® provides.

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