Accufoam® Roof Foam

The Secret Ingredient to Complete Roof Protection

Accufoam® Roof Foam is uniquely designed and engineered for roofing applications.

With the same commitment and expertise dedicated to its creation as our other spray foams, Accufoam Roof Foam is available in 2.5. 2.8, and 3.0 density with both HFC and HFO blowing agents.

You deserve to work with a manufacturer you can trust to deliver the highest-quality spray foams backed by a dedicated and responsive customer service team.

How To Get Accufoam® For Your Business

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Accufoam® 2.8 Roof Foam

Accufoam® 2.8 roofing foam is designed to create an iron-clad sealant that protects roofs with impressive durability and long-lasting results. Our formula has been carefully crafted, tested, and proven to be efficient and easy to apply.


Up to 45% Energy Savings for Life

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Minimize Unwanted Noise

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Reduce Condensation Risks

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Adheres to Most Construction Substrates

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Durable and Strong

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Tested in Real Working Conditions

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Superior Temperature Regulation

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Pair With Rugged Coatings for Complete Roofing System

A Unified Solution For All Your Roofing Needs

More than just a great spray foam — protect your work with a unified roofing system engineered to hold with unwavering strength.

Experience our world-class spray foam combined with the industry’s best elastomeric coatings provided by our partner company, Rugged Coatings, for the highest-quality and longest-lasting results.
That’s two great products engineered for one goal: to protect your roofs no matter what environment they’re in.

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Get the Support You Deserve

We put our distributors and contractors first.

Our industry-best customer service team will answer the phone when you call. As an independent provider and local manufacturer, Accufoam® is large enough to have all the resources you need, but small enough to give you the attention you need.

Get your products when you need them, and always finish your projects on time and on budget when you choose to work with us.

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The Accufoam® Advantage

Real-World Results Crush Theory Every Day

Most spray foams are created and evaluated on theoretical performance under controlled lab conditions. In the real world, having perfect application conditions is more of a pipe dream than reality.

Accufoam®'s spray foams are designed and manufactured to achieve high-quality performance and powerful adhesion in any environment, under real-world conditions.

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How It Works

Eliminate Hot Spots & Cold Spots With Accufoam®

Accufoam® 2.8 controls the three causes of heat transfer in every building.

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Heat wants to move through walls, ceilings, and roofs.

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Every building absorbs the sun’s rays. That heat radiates inward.

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In an interior, heat wants to move from hot spots to cold.