Accufoam® OC

Unique in the Industry

Accufoam® has two OC products with formulations for every season, providing a seamless air barrier to control air leakage and lower energy consumption. The flagship OC product is a high-yield, low-density, no-mix, spray-applied insulation foam. Accufoam Formula 1 (AF1) is our solution-based OC formula, containing zero ozone-depleting blowing agents. Both foams are made with sustainability and high yields in mind.

Accufoam OC

Our Original .5lb Foam

Accufoam OC is a two-component, one-by-one-by-volume spray-applied polyurethane foam. It is a high-yield, low-density, no-mix, spray-applied insulation foam which contains zero ozone-depleting blowing agents, and is designed to provide good thermal performance and a significant control of air infiltration of an air-barrier assembly. Accufoam OC is 100% water blown.

Product highlights:

• High-yield
• No-mix, just heat and spray
• High R-Value
• Simple-to-use
• Superior air barrier

Safer Ingredients – Better Yields – One Formula

Accufoam Formula 1 (AF1) is our Highest Yielding OC Foam. It is solution based which means no mixing necessary on site. One step - just heat and spray! Get your jobs sprayed faster with less material needed. AF1 is our first year round Open Cell Formulation. Contractors have a lot of variables job to job. Don’t let your foam be one. AF1- Safer Ingredients, Better Yield.

Product highlights:

• One, year-round formula
• No-mix, just heat and spray
• Simple-to-use
• GREENGUARD GOLD Certification
• High-yield product

How To Get Accufoam® For Your Business

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Accufoam® OC

Ultra Low Density Spray Foam


Approved for Insulation Applications

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Interior Walls

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Unvented Attics

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Vented Attics

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Crawl Space

Accufoam® OC - Open Cell Foam

Provides a seamless air barrier to control air leakage and lower energy consumption. It eliminates condensation, moisture, and mold from your home and blocks airborne noises and absorbs sound energy for an energy-efficient, comfortable, and quiet indoor environment.

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Minimize Unwanted Noise

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Reduce Condensation Risks

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Adheres to Most Construction Substrates

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Durable and Strong

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Cover More Space Per Gallon

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Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

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Very High Yield

The World's Highest Performing Spray Foam

Accufoam® is designed and manufactured to achieve consistent high-quality performance and adhesion. Our spray foam comes to you ready to spray, no matter what environment you're in — no additional mixing is needed.

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