7 Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Spray Foam

Whether it’s a restaurant, office building, or even a warehouse, virtually all commercial properties need to be insulated to some degree. Spray foam is one of the more common and popular forms of insulation in use today, and it comes with a number of benefits to both the property owners and the people working inside.


To help you get a better understanding of what commercial spray foam can do, here are seven things that you didn’t know about it!



1. Cuts overhead costs


While spray foam insulation may seem like a costly expense to some, it can actually help to reduce overhead costs. With retail electricity prices at an all-time high, commercial property owners and business managers need to implement more cost-saving measures to ensure long-term sustainability.


This is where commercial spray foam such as Accufoam® can help. When installed correctly, commercial spray foam can keep cold air out and prevent warm air from escaping. This reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems, resulting in lower energy bills for the entire property.


2. Has soundproofing qualities


Commercial spray foam offers soundproofing qualities due to its density. This helps to isolate a building from outside noises such as car sounds, crowds, and other noise pollutants. However, it can also be used to isolate individual rooms that need it, such as meeting rooms or server rooms that have noisy machinery.


3. Protects inventory


Commercial properties often have a responsibility to protect goods and products that are being stored inside. This is particularly important for hot and humid environments that can harm the quality of a product or ingredient, making it degrade faster and reducing its lifespan.


With spray foam insulation, it’s possible to protect structures that are in hot and humid climates. This can greatly reduce the impact on perishable items, prevent damage to paper products, and even protect electronic devices. It can also help to maintain temperatures in sensitive rooms such as server rooms that need efficient cooling to protect equipment and ensure it runs optimally.


4. Makes your building more comfortable


Commercial properties need to be comfortable in order to attract tenants and businesses. If a property is uncomfortable because the temperature fluctuates too much and a lot of noise leaks in from the outside, it can create an undesirable work environment.


Quality commercial spray foam can make your property more comfortable for anyone working inside. It helps to regulate indoor temperature, resulting in a comfortable climate that makes it easier to work. It can also soundproof a commercial property. This is achieved through the dense foam that prevents air from traveling through it, effectively creating a barrier that blocks noise and temperature changes.


5. Reinforces structural integrity


High-quality spray foam is also dense enough to improve the structural quality of a building, especially when using closed-cell foam.


This type of commercial spray foam has cells that are completely closed off from air and moisture. It drastically increases the density of the foam to a point that it forms a rigid structure. This greatly improves the stability of a structure and can even prevent or reduce damage caused by structural loads.



6. Assists with flexible structure design


Commercial spray foam has the advantage of being a lot more flexible in how it is used. Open-cell foam is a type of foam that uses encapsulated cells. This means there are more gaps for air and moisture to enter, meaning it isn’t rigid once it sets.


This allows it to be a lot more flexible; it can fit into smaller gaps and be used for more complex and unique structure shapes. This makes spray foam a great option for insulating commercial buildings that have unique shapes or size constraints where typical insulation would be difficult to install or use effectively. Not only does this help to insulate unique building structures, but it can also help to reinforce these unique designs.


7. Supports eco-friendly values


These days, businesses have a duty to lower their carbon footprint, and they actively develop processes and strategies that allow them to do so. Thankfully, commercial spray foam is a great way to reinforce eco-friendly values that a commercial business may have. It can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your energy bills.


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