Accufoam Achieves Remarkable Results on Ramboll Risk Assessment for Re-Entry and Re-Occupancy

Accufoam, a leading manufacturer of top-quality spray foam insulation, is proud to announce its outstanding performance on the ASTM D8445-2022a analysis, Standard Practice for Measuring Chemical Emissions from Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation Samples in a Large-scale Ventilated Enclosure. The test, analyzed by Ramboll, an independent laboratory, evaluated the re-occupation/re-entry time after applying Accufoam’s proprietary foam insulation products. Accufoam was the first company to have its products voluntarily tested using this revolutionary assessment system, and the results speak for themselves: they have confirmed the company’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable products to its valued customers. 

The ASTM D8445-2022a analysis involved a comprehensive review of Accufoam’s formulation, focusing on the length of time of potential hazard to humans immediately after application. The aim was to determine how quickly contractors or residents can re-enter their workspace or home after spraying is complete.   

To do this, Right Testing, a Georgia-based building materials testing service, visited Accufoam’s laboratory and observed the mixing of the product. Once mixed, the sample was sprayed at the Evonik Corporation R&D 3 ventilated enclosure located in Trexlertown, PA. Sprayed samples were then collected and sent to Intertek for testing. After completion of the test, the results were analyzed by Ramboll and Accufoam received the results they were confidently expecting: their products achieved unprecedentedly quick re-entry/re-occupation times. 

Within one hour of the application of Accufoam’s product, the installation site was safe for re-entry by unprotected workers and re-occupancy by the general public. For Accufoam’s HFO products, the installation site was safe for re-entry by unprotected workers within one hour of the application and within two hours for re-occupancy by the general public.   

“For all these products, the downtime for workers doing other tasks and away time for residents is minimal,” said Dr. Robert DeMott, Principal Toxicologist at Ramboll, “probably not much longer than it takes the installation crew to clean up after spraying a project.”   

These independent laboratory findings confirmed that Accufoam products exceeded expectations, meeting and surpassing important safety requirements. These results underscore Accufoam’s unwavering commitment to providing safe and environmentally friendly insulation solutions.  

“Creative Polymer Solutions’ focus is always the safety of the contractors and homeowners,” said James Hammon, Senior Technical Director of Accufoam. “We hope that these results show that Accufoam has the expertise to make an impact in the industry for the better,” said Hammon, “and that, at the end of the day, contractors know that they are spraying a quality product.  

Accufoam’s exceptional chemical safety performance positions them as a leader in insulation technology. Their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement has been instrumental in creating a product that not only delivers superior insulation but also upholds the highest safety standards. By choosing Accufoam, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a product that prioritizes reliability and their well-being.  

With these remarkable results, Accufoam aims to establish itself as the go-to provider of cutting-edge and safe insulation solutions. They remain committed to ongoing research and development to ensure the continuous enhancement of its products and services, consistently meeting and surpassing industry standards. For now, as mentioned by Dr. DeMott, these results and the current foam formulations represent “a big step forward.”

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