Get Better Support as a Spray Foam Contractor



Accufoam has recently started a new partnership program, known as the Accufoam Contractor Partner (ACP) program. It’s free to become a partner and there are several benefits of getting involved in the initiative. In this handy guide, we’ll discuss how to become a partner and outline the benefits of joining the program.


Growing your business

Spray foam contractors have an important role to play in providing insulation for customers across a broad spectrum of industries. Insulation is key for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heat loss.

As a spray foam contractor, you can offer a wide range of services to provide for different companies and to enjoy the flexibility of running a business and managing a schedule. 

As you work on growing your business, it’s greatly beneficial to have training in the use of products, such as Accufoam’s spray foam, as well as marketing and referral support. 

With Accufoam’s Contractor Partner Program (ACP), we provide professional training for spray foam product use, business support, as well as on-the-job customer support. Keep reading to learn more about the ACP program. 


What is the ACP program?

The ACP (Accufoam Contractor Partner) program is a new scheme, which encourages spray foam contractors to become part of Accufoam’s partner network. It is free to become a partner and contractors involved in the initiative can enjoy a host of benefits. 

How to join

If you’re interested in joining the ACP program, all you have to do is fill in an application form online at


Why you should become an ACP.

The ACP program provides incredible job and skill growth opportunities for spray foam contractors. When you join the ACP program, you can expect the following:


  • Advanced training from experienced industry experts
  • Referrals and leads in your local area
  • Exclusive partner offers and discounts on hardware and software tools
  • Responsive customer service and technical support


Our program is designed to drive your business forward as well as help you develop your professional skills and gain valuable industry experience. 



If you currently work as a spray foam contractor, or you’re thinking about growing your business, becoming an Accufoam partner could help you to achieve objectives and hit ambitious targets.


What are the benefits of being a partner?

There are multiple benefits on offer for Accufoam partners. These include:


Expert training

ACPs have access to diverse training initiatives and courses covering a huge range of subjects. From technical issues to sales and chemistry to marketing, partners can learn, hone their skills and explore new areas to promote personal professional development and take their business to the next level. 



Generating leads is one of the most important yet difficult aspects of running a successful contracting business. As an ACP, you can benefit from leads and referrals in your region. 

If we receive leads, we can pass them on to you to help you expand your client base, establish a reputation in the area and ensure a steady flow of customers. 



Accufoam partners have access to some fantastic offers and discounts provided by our first partners ICDZ, FieldGroove, Spray Foam Base, Tennessee Chill Box, IHG Hotels, and CASA Social Media. Offers include:

  • ICDZ take-off services for $55
  • No startup fee for CASA Social Media
  • 25% discount every month for 12 months for partners using CASA


Customer support

Accufoam prides itself on providing responsive, customer-focused support for contractors. Partners can access an experienced customer service team, which can solve problems either over the phone or via email, or by conducting site visits if required. 


How can Accufoam help you to build a successful company?

Accufoam’s new partnership program is designed to encourage and promote career development and help contractors to establish and grow successful businesses. 

By providing professional training, access to responsive support, discounts, and leads, the ACP offers opportunities to expand client bases, attract new customers, build a reputation, enhance brand image and raise brand awareness. The program’s primary aim is to provide access to industry experts, high-level training, and resources that can help you develop a successful company. 



Being a spray foam contractor is a lucrative profession, and the opportunities are only growing as more and more commercial and residential audiences look to spray foam for their insulation needs. From sustainable options, energy efficiency, cost savings, and more, spray foam is becoming one of the most sought-after insulation products. 

Accufoam has launched an exciting new partner program for spray foam contractors. Offering access to training, resources, leads and referrals, discounts, and customer support, joining the ACP program provides so many valuable benefits, and all at no cost to you.

If you have questions about becoming a spray foam contractor or joining the ACP program, contact us! We’re happy to help in whatever way we can.