Top 10 Myths Of Spray Foam Insulation

Whether you’re a business owner looking to insulate your commercial property, a landlord seeking to cut down on utility costs for your tenants, or a homeowner considering spray foam insulation for your home, it’s important to separate spray foam facts from fiction. 

There are many myths and misconceptions about spray foam insulation, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 myths to help set the record straight. 

Read on to learn the truth about this energy-saving insulation option.


Myth #1: Spray foam insulation is a fire hazard

Truth: The truth is, spray foam has a higher combustion point than most objects in a house. That means that should there be a fire, the spray foam insulation would likely help to contain the fire rather than feed it. 

Additionally, if the spray foam is properly installed to create an air-tight seal, the fire would eventually run out of the oxygen that it needs to grow.


Myth #2: Spray foam insulation can cause health problems

Truth: One of the great things about Accufoam’s spray foam insulation is that it’s Greenguard Gold certified! This certification includes health-based criteria for additional chemicals and also requires lower volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels to help ensure that products are acceptable for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities. 

When spray foam is properly installed, you can bet that it’s safe and will not cause health problems!


Myth #3: Spray foam insulation is expensive

Truth: While spray foam insulation is comparable in price to other types of insulation, it’s certainly worth the investment. It’s one of the most effective and efficient types of insulation available, and will likely lead to a quicker return on investment than fiber insulations due to its superior insulating abilities.


Myth #4: You can’t use spray foam insulation in certain climate zones

Truth: While you might think that spray foam insulation is not ideal for extreme climates, this could not be further from the truth. Spray foam can work in any environment, without stipulations or limitations. In fact, at Accufoam we perform tests to ensure that our formulas will work the same way in the field as they did in the lab!

Further, did you know that spray foam has even been used in marine vessels and rocket ships? You can count on spray foam to perform in any environment!


builder and architect spray foal insulation


Myth #5: All spray foam insulation is the same

Truth: There are actually many types of spray foam products that differ in weight, strength, R-value, and application!


Myth #6: You can’t use spray foam insulation in conjunction with other types of insulation

Truth: While spray foam insulation is a great standalone option, it is also possible to be used with other types of insulation in a “hybrid system”. Although it isn’t common, it isn’t out of question to see closed-cell foam and fiberglass installation working together in certain climate zones.


Myth #7: Spray foam insulation is only for new construction 

Truth: While spray foam insulation is often used in new construction, it can also be used in existing homes and buildings. In fact, it’s a great way to improve the insulation of an older building without having to do a complete renovation.


Myth #8: You don’t need to remove your old insulation before installing spray foam insulation

Truth: When homes are built, they’re given a “building envelope” which includes the exterior/shell of the house. They’re also given a “thermal envelope” of insulation that surrounds the structure.

Before installing a new thermal envelope of spray foam insulation, you will need to remove the original envelope of insulation, otherwise, it can have a poor effect on the thermal envelope and prevent the foam from getting and sealing where it’s supposed to.


Myth #9: Spray foam insulation will damage your wires and pipes

Truth: When spray foam is properly applied by a qualified professional, it will not cause damage to your wires, pipes, or any other building products inside the wall cavity.



spray foam in cold weather


Myth #10: You don’t need a professional to install spray foam insulation

Truth: Actually, spray foam installation is a more complex process than you might think – and contractors are very highly skilled and trained for it! This is not a DIY project. You will want a professional for your project!

To learn more about how to install spray foam, or to find a spray foam insulation contractor in your area, contact us and we’ll help you get the answers you need. 


See the Spray Foam Difference for Yourself 

Now that you know the truth about spray foam insulation, you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right option for you. 

With its many benefits and advantages, spray foam insulation is a great choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient and effective way to insulate their home or business.

At Accufoam, we are the manufacturer of the world’s best spray foam insulation. Even better than our spray foam, our customer and technical support team are the industry’s most responsive and competent team out there.

If you give us a call, we’ll answer the phone. Contact us today with any questions!