We Spray Every Batch: Accufoam’s Quality Guarantee

There are plenty of variables when it comes to ensuring that the spray foam work is done correctly. Whether it be the environment, equipment maintenance and set-up, timeline, client, or product, Accufoam strives to lessen those variables by guaranteeing our product is created with quality as our top priority.  

We sat down with Cole Fletcher, our Senior Technical Specialist, to discuss his experience in the industry and what makes Accufoam different. To watch the interview yourself, click here!

What makes Accufoam a safe product? 

There is sometimes a misconception amongst consumers regarding the safety of the final product of spray foam. Often, people can identify the components that create spray foam at the gun—isocyanate and polyurethane—and be concerned that the chemical hazards specific to those two elements can also be applied to the finished product that is spray foam. However, so long as the product was created and finished appropriately—keeping in mind aspects such as chemical ratios, temperatures, and the manufacturer’s guidelines—what is created at the end is an inert plastic material with a separate data sheet from the two materials that were combined to make it. 

Being that the final product of spray foam is considered chemically different from isocyanate and polyurethane, the only present hazards would be for the contractor making the installation; however, they will be equipped with the appropriate knowledge and PPE to keep the jobsite safe.  

What is a common problem you see in the field? 

Yesterday, everything was fine at the jobsite, but today we showed up and there has been a change in the performance of the product. 

So, what happened? 

It is now our job to identify the problem and figure out what exactly was the cause. It could be a problem with the equipment, application technique, environmental factors such as humidity, or several other variables; however, we believe in the rigorous quality standards of our product, so we must do what needs to be done to solve any given problem and help educate consumers on how to avoid those problems in the future. 

Accufoam’s Quality Guarantee 

When creating polyurethane foam, there are quality control steps that must be considered both in the plant and in the field. By nature of the job, when spraying foam, you are essentially a manufacturer of foam—a mobile manufacturer. 

Because of this, quality control and the ability to repeat the same level of product excellence every single day is of the utmost importance. When we test in the lab, we have complete control of the environment, equipment, and substrate.  

We spray a sample from every batch we make. Every Batch. 

There we are testing the product from a chemical standpoint. Once in the field, we are already confident in the quality of our product, so we can eliminate any chemical problems from the equation. We must then look at the environmental, substrate, equipment, and personal performance variables to check for any issues. By working through these dual quality control checks, we can help to ensure that everything leaving our facility performs to the highest standard. 

Through the help of Cole and our team of experts, we can ensure the quality of Accufoam on your jobsite while working with you to solve any problems you encounter in the field. Accufoam is dedicated to helping you complete your jobs on time, safely, and successfully to help grow your business! For more information on how Accufoam is changing the game, contact us today!