The Future of the Spray Foam Industry

A spray foam contractor fills a wall with Accufoam.


The spray foam industry is on its way up, with Accufoam® leading the way. Whether you’re a seasoned user of spray polyurethane foam or still unsure of what your clients need, starting at Accufoam® is your best option.


Trends in the industry

From 2019 to 2024, the North American spray foam insulation market is expected to grow at a rate of 6% year over year.

This is largely due to the fact that spray polyurethane foam proves to be more efficient, dependable, and promising than traditional insulation methods. 


two barrels of accufoam

Closed cell vs. open-cell, what is being sprayed the most?

Actually, it’s both! The type of foam used in a project is influenced by the regional climate and local R-value requirements. Closed-cell spray foams are popular because they create an air and water vapor barrier, and generally provide a higher R-value per inch than open-cell foams.

This means that closed-cell spray foams are most useful in extreme temperatures, keeping heat inside or outside of a building.

Due to their flexibility and softness, open-cell spray foams are helpful for reaching nooks and crannies. Open-cell foams are also ideal for sound-proofing due to the way they expand, and, in the hands of a skilled professional, can be applied in one pass!

Open-cell foams are great for more temperate climates with less-extreme temperatures, and they slow air filtration better than traditional fiberglass insulation meaning healthier air inside the building.


Is spray polyurethane foam (SPF) cost-effective?

All of the financial benefits of installing spray polyurethane foam become apparent not long after installation. Besides the comfort of insulation, which is especially important in unprecedented winters like this one, many benefits for the future come from spray foam application. 

Across the board, SPF application is cost-effective because if it goes undamaged, it should last a lifetime. This means that your work as a contractor will be reputable for being long-lasting, safe, and dependable, the most important qualities for contracting. 

The process also reduces HVAC equipment needs in the future, which leads to low equipment costs. Resale value on homes with spray polyurethane foam installed is higher, due to many states giving a Home Energy Ratings Score (HERS) to houses on the market. 

For the customer, application will save money on their energy bills and since it minimizes air filtration, the customer will enjoy breathing air with fewer contaminants like dust and microbes.


a foam contractor filling interior walls with Accufoam.

Promising safety to your clients

SPF is convenient not only financially, but because it is sustainable to the environment and safe for human beings. Once applied and when applied correctly, it cannot harm human health or the ecosystem. Luckily for contractors, Accufoam® is easy to apply and incredibly stable once set. 


Why Accufoam® specifically?

On top of that, Accufoam® specifically is a great price for the phenomenal quality of our product and service. Our company was born from contractors who were frustrated with the incompetent selection of spray foams available in the industry, and it has taken us years to perfect our product. There is no one more dedicated to quality, customer service, and surpassing expectations than we are here at Accufoam®.

If you’re going to apply spray polyurethane foam, which the research supports, you should go with Accufoam® for its unique formula, consistent quality, and attention to detail. Partner your new foam with our sister company Rugged Coatings for a high-solids elastomeric seal on your project.